From a tender age, Jess's passion for music and performance has been her guiding star. Nurtured by her talented grandmother Claire Poole, a fellow flame-haired artist from the Claire Poole Singers who once mentored Rhonda Burchmore, Jess found her unwavering path in the world of performance.

She has graced the spotlight as the captivating frontwoman and host aboard Sydney Showboats with the Australian Cruise Group. As the lead vocalist for the Showgirls Of The Moulin Rouge cabaret spectacle presented by Dancers For Events Agency, Jess has enchanted audiences. Additionally, she is the lead singer of the renowned Trio Group Starr Sisters, known for their 1940s harmonies, alongside the Regent St Big Band, captivating audiences both locally and internationally.

Jess's journey continues with her participation in the Tina Turner Tribute Show, where her dynamic vocals blend seamlessly with a 5-piece ensemble. As well as performing as a lead singer and host in a variety of performances and tribute shows through Club Corp NSW.

Notably, she led Jones Lang LaSalle's band in the 'Telstra Battle of The Bands' competition, clinching an impressive second place. Television audiences have also witnessed her talent through various appearances.

Her artistic education includes studies at Newtown Performing Arts College, followed by enriching summer sessions at NIDA, focusing on Dramatic Art. Having reached the top 30 of Australian Idol, Jess's vocal prowess is undeniable. She even took on the lead role in the MMS's rendition of Hello Dolly.

With a vocal range reaching a G5, Jess is not only a commanding lead vocalist but also a harmonising maestro, a charismatic host, and a nimble choreography learner.